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We all know about “Spring Cleaning,” but now that spring has sprung, your home isn’t the only thing that could use a good old spring clean. After a long, harsh New Jersey winter, it’s important to take care of spring maintenance too. Of course, you can always clean the seats and the floor mats, too.

Prestige Subaru’s Spring Car Maintenance Cheat Sheet

We’re in the throes of spring, so here is a quick spring maintenance cheat sheet to set you on the right path toward a clean and stress-free start to spring:

  • Get Your Tire Pressure Checked: During the colder months, tire pressure decreases with the air temperature, and when it warms up, tire pressure increases. In order to maintain a safe tire pressure, it’s important to check often, but especially when we go through season changes. If you’re not comfortable checking your tire pressure yourself, bring it into our service center and we can do it for you!
  • Check Your Treads, Maybe Rotate Your Tires: Speaking of tires, many drivers use special winter tires during the snowy seasons, so if you’re needing to change yours out, it’s a great time to buy some new shoes, or simply put back on your summer tire. Don’t forget to rotate your tires! Even if you don’t swap sets for the winter, the tread on your tires could be wearing unevenly, so make sure to check your tread depths for uneven wear, then bring it to us for a rotation!
  • Are Your Wiper Blades Cracked or Torn?: The winter takes a toll on your whole car, and your wiper blades are no exception! If harsh winter temperatures and weather have damaged your wiper blades, it could be time to get fresh new ones installed, right in time for those spring showers—word on the street is they lead to April flowers.
  • Have a Look Under the Hood: The cold air isn’t just harsh on wiper blades; the belts and tubes in your engine can feel the biting cold, too. If they’re brittle or worn, it’s time to have them replaced. You can do this yourself, or have one of our expert technicians handle it for you.
  • Change the Oil: While you’re under the hood, check to make sure your oil isn’t getting too low or too viscous. If it is, schedule an oil change to enter spring fresh, clean, and with your engine well lubricated!

Ready to get ahead on your spring car care? Schedule an appointment with our service center and then get back to enjoying the warmer weather and the blooming flowers.

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