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With winter knocking on our door here in New Jersey, now's a great time to get ahead of the impending weather and get your vehicle ready for winter before the snow falls. While Subaru vehicles are made to help take on poor driving conditions and rugged terrains, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your Subaru is ready to get you everywhere you need to go this winter!

Five Steps to Improve Your Subaru Vehicle's Performance and Ability this Winter

  • Snow Tires: Even with standard all-wheel drive, equipping your Subaru with snow tires is the only way to ensure optimal traction, control, acceleration and stopping in poor driving conditions this winter.
  • Oil Change: The cold winter weather can cause your vehicle's oil to thicken, resulting in a decreased performance. Have your oil changed to ensure the correct consistency all winter long.
  • Check Your Battery: Have a battery diagnostics run to ensure your battery has the proper charge so you won't get stuck when the cold weather drains your battery.
  • Change Windshield Wiper Blades and Refill Fluid: Seeing is arguably the most important thing behind the wheel, and with wet and dirty road conditions mixed in with falling snow, your windshield can get dirty fast. Changing your wiper blades and replacing your washer fluid will allow you to keep your windshield clean all winter.
  • Check Air Pressure:When you put your winter tires on, make sure the air pressure is correct. Cold temperatures can cause your tires to leak air, and the last thing you want to be doing when it's cold outside is changing a tire.

If you're currently in need of any winter servicing or repairs on your Subaru vehicle, we welcome you to have it all done at Prestige Subaru! Simply schedule a service appointment online and our technicians will get your vehicle ready for winter in the quickest and most convenient manner possible!

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