The S209 is a special edition performance sedan built by Subaru Tecnica International (STI). At a glance, the STI S209 is a supped-up WRX, but the importance of it runs deeper. The S209 is the debut of the S-Series in the United States when previously, it was only available in Japan. The STI S209 offers much more than just cosmetic upgrades with performance upgrades for top-notch performance driving.

Learn more about the upcoming S209 and how it could change your driving experience in Turnersville.

Get Excited for the STI S209

The S209 is fully outfitted with incredible motorsport features to maximize performance. The S209 comes with the North American EJ25 flat-four 2.5-liter turbocharged engine. This engine is bolstered with forged rods and pistons, a larger turbo from HKS, and an updated fuel system with a higher-capacity fuel pump and fuel injectors.

The S209's intake has been redesigned to accommodate an optimized conical air filter, and the intercooler comes with a water sprayer to cool engine intake. With all these improvements, the S209 produces an estimated 341 horsepower and 315 pound-feet of torque for a heart-racing driving experience.

The S209 comes with a chassis upgrade with three draw stiffeners with two oriented diagonally under the front of the car and one connecting to shock towers in the rear. The lateral suspension links get ball-jointed connections at the body and hub side to maximize chassis feel. Overall, you can expect a meticulous body design for crisp turn-in and minimal quiver.

Some of the other impressive features that Washington Township drivers can expect from the S209 include:

  • STI-tuned Bilstein® dampers
  • Brembo® Performance Brakes
  • Carbon-fiber rear wing and front under spoiler work
  • Carbon-fiber roof
  • S-model red and silver trim and accents throughout the cabin

Stay Tuned

If you're excited to learn more about the upcoming STI S209, be sure to check back in to discover the latest news!

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