At the risk of sounding like a broken record, regular service and maintenance are incredibly important when it comes to keeping your Subaru safe, healthy, and on the road for years to come. Subarus are known for longevity, but no one ever hit 200,000 miles on the odometer by skipping oil changes and not rotating their tires. That said, service appointments probably aren't most folks idea of a fun Saturday afternoon. Well, as luck would have it, now you can control when and how you schedule your service appointment, which means it's easier to fit into your schedule and easier to cross off your long list of chores-simply use the service scheduling tool found on this page, choose your appointment from the drop down menu, and that's it, your appointment for maintenance is booked, and you can count on our Subaru-trained technicians to take care of your vehicle for you.

We Make It Easy to Schedule Service Online So You Can Fit Car Maintenance Into Your Busy Schedule

Sometimes it seems like vehicle maintenance is just another chore on the list, but regular vehicle maintenance is far too important to stick on the back burner. There are plenty of places that will change your oil, but here at Prestige Subaru, we make it our business to know your Subaru inside and out, which means even if you're just in for an oil change, you've got an expert technician's eyes on your vehicle, someone who can recognize a problem when they see one-you can't count on the quick lube shop down the road for that level of attention!

If you think vehicle maintenance can't fit into your hectic schedule, you probably haven't tried scheduling your appointment using our convenient online scheduling tool! Getting started is easy-log in or create a user account, then select your vehicle's make, model; from there, you select the service items you need or provide a description of the issue for our techs to look at; and finally, choose the appointment date and time that work for you! You can also select whether you're dropping off your vehicle, using our shuttle service, waiting in our lobby, or using a rental; finally, you review the whole ticket and book your appointment. The rest is up to us! We'll get you scheduled, reach out to confirm, and look forward to providing you with top-tier service when you arrive

Booking an Appointment:

The process for booking an appointment is pretty easy: first, you'll log in or create a guest account. The tool will ask for your car's make, model, and year, and after that, it'll ask you to check off which services you're looking for. Not sure what your vehicle needs? No worries, you can write us a note letting us know what's going on and our techs will take a look at it when you're in. After you choose which services you need or write us a note, you'll be able to select your appointment date/time from a calendar, so you can pick an appointment that works with your schedule, instead of asking your schedule to work with your appointment. That's the whole process! We'll reach out to confirm your appointment, but all you have to do is bring your vehicle in at the appointed time and let us handle the work.

For drivers in Turnersville or our neighbors in Blackwood, Mantua, Sewell, or Williamstown, NJ looking for outstanding Subaru service and a clean, modern, convenient place to get it, your search is over-book an appointment with the Prestige Subaru Service Center using the scheduling tool above and knock vehicle maintenance off your To-Do list.

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