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Let our Subaru Trained Service Technicians perform a thorough multi-point inspection.

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It's easy to get behind on your vehicle's maintenance schedule, but staying current on routine tasks can have plenty of benefits that affect both short term and long term performance. At Prestige Subaru of Turnersville NJ, we specialize in the kind of maintenance that will keep your vehicle performing at its best. Get a smooth ride from properly inflated and rotated tires, keep your engine humming with a fresh oil change and stay safe on the road with a multi-point inspection that will catch minor issues before they develop into major problems. Stay on top of your vehicle's maintenance needs with the help of Subaru service coupons that can save you money on common services.

Common Services Performed

Oil Changes

One of the single best things you can do for your engine is to stay current on oil changes. Rapidly moving engine parts create a great deal of friction and heat as they move, wearing down over time by sloughing off microscopic metal shavings. Oil both lubricates these delicate parts and carries away the metal dust and grime that can cause clogging. It can also help to lower engine temperature.

Synthetic oil can extend the time between changes while also providing superior purity, but whether your Subaru calls for regular or synthetic oil, it's a good idea to have your oil changed promptly according to the schedule laid out in your owner's manual.


Tires are easy to overlook until you've got a problem with one. Keep the proper pressure and the correct tread for the season you're in to maintain a secure grip on the roads of Washington Township. We also offer Subaru service coupons for necessary maintenance like tire rotations and inspections of your tread depth and tire pressure. Everyone drives a bit differently, so the wear you put on your tires will reflect the kind of route you take each day to work or when running errands. Depending on your driving patterns, you'll have at least one tire that will wear more quickly than another. If you always leave your tires in the same spot on your vehicle, you'll have to replace one tire before the others, which can cost you more money over time.

Regular Inspections

Inspections ensure you're driving a vehicle that will give optimal performance, and that's safe for both you and the drivers around you in Turnersville. At Prestige Subaru of Turnersville NJ, we offer specials on multi-point inspections that catch common issues early. It's especially important to schedule one if you're planning on taking a long trip and want to avoid unexpected problems along the way.

Hoses and Belts Checks

Checking your hoses and belts for wear and replacing them when necessary can keep you from becoming stranded. Other issues we can catch early include problems with your battery, low engine fluids, aging brake pads, and clogged filters. We'll also look at other systems like your shocks and struts, transmission, chassis, and steering. Multi-point inspections are also a good idea if you're heading into the winter and summer seasons when your vehicle encounters additional stress from the environment anywhere around Deptford.

Subaru Service Coupons Available Near Sicklerville

Use Subaru service coupons to get special discounts on all of your necessary maintenance and stay up to date in caring for your car. Our deals are always changing, giving you the opportunity to save money on oil changes, multi-point inspections, tire rotations and other vital services. Our technicians are highly trained in Subaru maintenance, meaning when you leave your vehicle with us, we'll get right to work using manufacturer recommended parts and engine additives for factory quality care. With regular updates to our specials, you're sure to find a deal on services you need right now.

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