If you're looking to buy a new vehicle from the New Subaru lineup, you'll be asked an important question: Do you want to buy or lease? Deciding which option is best for you is important for this investment. So it's crucial to really understand the difference between buying and leasing.

If you need help understanding what both of these options can do for you, here's some useful information about buying or leasing a vehicle.

Leasing Your Subaru

If you're the type of person who loves driving a brand-new vehicle every few years, then leasing may be the option for you. With a lease, you'll pay a set monthly amount for about three years. If you decide a loan would work best for you, you'll have to provide a down payment. The monthly payments you must deliver when you buy a vehicle equal the full amount of the vehicle, while a lease involves a percentage of the price of the car (depreciation costs), so you can save a bit of money when it comes to leasing.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to leasing. You're limited to a certain number miles you can drive each year. So if your daily commute exceeds your allotted number of miles, then you could be subject to extra charges that can add up. Also, when you sign a lease, you won't be able to make any big customizations to your vehicle, as you have to return it when the lease is up.

How Does Leasing a Car Work?

Buying Your Subaru

Buying your next Subaru at Prestige Subaru provides you with a number of great benefits. Opting to buy gives you the freedom to log as many miles as you want without a penalty. So if you have a great sense of wanderlust and you love to travel, then buying may be the way to go. In addition, you can really make the car your own with numerous customization projects.

Like leasing your next car, there are important details you need to know. When you choose to buy your car, the finance plans can range from one to seven years. And with these payments, you'll work to deliver the full price of the vehicle, including interest. However, you can reduce the monthly costs by making a larger down payment. Simply put, the more money you pay up front, the less you have to pay monthly.

Deciding whether leasing or buying is right for you is important when you start your car buying journey. Regardless of what option is best for you, you can trust Prestige Subaru, your Subaru dealer in NJ, to provide you with the affordable plans you're looking for to get behind the wheel of a brand-new Subaru.

So when you're ready, be sure to stop in and see our impressive selection of this year's new Subaru models. Each one is equipped with great technologies and powerful and versatile performances you're sure to enjoy. So don't wait - schedule your test drive if you're in the Turnersville, Cherry Hill, or Mount Laurel area today.



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