We know that every Washington Township, NJ driver who has bought or leased a Subaru vehicle from us is interested in keeping it performing to high levels for as long as they decide to own it.  Our dealership also understands that all these folks would also like to avoid any costly auto repairs.  While there are no guarantees in life, you can put yourself in a much better position to do these things by following the Subaru maintenance schedule for your Subaru car or SUV.  Prestige Subaru of Turnersville NJ, located at 4271 Black Horse Pike in Turnersville, NJ, is invested in making sure that all our Deptford, NJ customers are able to keep their Subaru vehicle on the road for as long as possible.

An Easy to Use Tool

One of the reasons you purchased or leased a Subaru car or SUV is probably because you had heard about the brand's reputation for dependability.  While that is true, a big part of keeping up that reliability is by making sure your routine car maintenance is taken care of by expert service technicians like the ones in our service center.  If you've got questions about what is currently needed by your Subaru vehicle, you can use our Subaru maintenance schedule tool to find out.  All you have to do is enter in your VIN and you'll be started on finding out what Subaru recommends doing to take care of your car or SUV.

What Kinds of Services Do Subaru Vehicles Need?

Keeping your Subaru vehicle performing at the highest levels is what we do best.  In order to make this happen, there are several car services that need to be performed periodically.  Some of these services include:

  • Oil Changes  - In order to protect your vehicle's engine, it is important to change your oil at the recommended intervals.  This will keep your engine running smoothly and away from premature failure.
  • Belts and Hoses - From time-to-time, it is good to have our service technicians inspect the belts and hoses in your Subaru car or SUV for any cracks, wear, or leaks.  Something as small as a broken belt or hose could lead to a more expensive auto repair.
  • Battery Inspection - Our service techs can inspect your battery and make sure it won't leave you stranded in your travels.  If it doesn't have the juice or some other issue, we can change it out for you.

Subaru Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Do Subaru Vehicles Need to Be Serviced?

The answer to this question is that it depends on the Subaru vehicle you have.  The owner's manual is a great resource for the recommended maintenance intervals.  You can also take advantage of our easy-to-use maintenance schedule tool to see what is recommended at the mileage you currently have on your Subaru.

Is a Subaru Expensive to Maintain?

Subaru cars and SUVs are reliable vehicles and shouldn't need many auto repairs provided you take care of your routine car maintenance.  When it come to these services, a Subaru vehicle doesn't need any more of them than any other brand.  The cost to own a Subaru should be rather low provided that the basic car maintenance needs are met in a timely fashion.

How Do You Maintain a Subaru?

Maintaining a Subaru is as easy as following the basic car maintenance schedule for the vehicle.  In that maintenance schedule, there will be recommendations on how often Sicklerville, NJ drivers should do things like change your oil, air filter, brake pads, and how often you should get your belts and hoses checked.  Our service advisors are always available to discuss your car service schedule with you and give you guidance on how to make a schedule that meets those needs.

What is a Subaru Maintenance Plan?

A Subaru Maintenance Plan is a program offered by Subaru, through our dealership, that allows a Williamstown, NJ driver to lock in the price of the maintenance that is required to keep the factory warranty on your vehicle valid.  It can be added into the monthly payment of your vehicle when you purchase or lease it.  When combined with a vehicle service contract, it can essentially mean that your only out-of-pocket cost for your vehicle would be fuel.

Schedule Your Service Appointment

The service center at Prestige Subaru of Turnersville, in Turnersville, NJ, is here to keep your Subaru running at its best.  Schedule your car maintenance with our service center today and treat your Subaru car or SUV to the best treatment possible.

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