Plan on Your Upcoming Subaru Tire Service

Subaru puts out an incredible inventory of cars, SUVs, sports models, and more. The performance and handling of a Subaru make virtual all models a joy to drive. You might even put many miles on your Subaru on Turnersville roads and highways. Hopefully, you're keeping a watchful eye on the tires.

Tires are made of rubber, and the durable material breaks down eventually. At some point, you're going to need new tires. Long before then, however, other issues of care become necessary. The team at Prestige Subaru of Turnersville, NJ, wants you to have the best experience owning a Subaru. We do our part to help by offering comprehensive tire services available.

We do recommend you take note of some tire issues to help avoid mishaps.

How to Check Your Tire Tread

Treads help with the tires' grip on the road while also expelling water. As the treads wear down, traction suffers. Also, there could be tire damage risk with low treads.

A special tool available at any auto shop measures the tread depth. However, you won't necessarily need one if you have a Lincoln penny in your pocket. Performing the old-time "penny test" might be sufficient. Insert the upside-down penny into the tread grooves. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, then the treads are getting too low.

Those tires might require changing.

How to Check Your Tire Pressure

Checking the air pressure on your tires is vital before taking a trip to Williamstown, NJ. You'll lose a little bit of pressure every month, and the tires may become underinflated quickly. Also, there are times when tire pressure is too high, and that's not good either. Both hot or cold weather can cause over/under-inflation.

First, determine the appropriate pressure level for your tires. If it is 33 psi, that's what you want to maintain. Purchasing a simple tire gauge at an auto shop, and inserting it into the tire's valve tells the tale.

You can also check the tire pressure with a foot pump inflator or an automatic one at a gas station. An inflating tool comes with an obvious benefit. If the tires are low, you can pump them up with air.

When you notice the pressure is shallow, keep checking in the days after adding air. There could be a leak.

3 Signs You Have Low Tire Pressure

If the tire pressure drops too low, here are some red flags that might arise:

  • 1. Gas Mileage Becomes Poor: with less air in the tires, your engine struggles to move the way to the vehicle. That burns up more fuel.
  • 2. The Steering Is Off: your tires sag from low pressure, so don't expect the vehicle to move with efficiency. The steering may display some strange problems.
  • 3. Bumps Hit Harder: Air in the tire provides a bit of a cushion. Once the air pressure drops, previously minor bumps in the road now deliver hard hits.

Hopefully, the low tire pressure warning on your dashboard will go off if pressure lowers.

Signs of Tire Failure

When tires have reached their endpoint, you'll notice significant problems. Cracked side walls, completely worn out treads, constant flattening even after adding air, bulges or blisters on the rubber, and even strange vibrations when you drive all reflect dire warnings.

Taking Care of the Tires

Maintaining proper tire pressure can preserve their life while avoiding unnecessary wear. Routine tire rotations, usually every six months, also support even wear among all four tires. At our service department near Washington Township, we perform tire inspections and rotation service. If you need new tires or want to switch tires for the season, a technician can help.

Schedule a Tire Maintenance at Prestige Subaru of Turnersville, NJ

Would you like assistance with Subaru tire care near Deptford? Place a call to our office and schedule an appointment. Don't hesitate to ask about any Subaru specials we currently offer to any of our Sicklerville customers and beyond.

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