Is It Time for a Subaru Oil Change?

An oil change might be the most basic of routine maintenance your Subaru requires. Although routine, oil changes are critically important. You want fresh oil lubricating the parts to ensure the engine works as it should. The oil should protect the components from friction and support engine performance. At Prestige Subaru of Turnersville, NJ, we help Subaru owners with oil changes all the time. And we want those drivers to be well aware of certain concerns about their vehicles, the engines, and motor oil.

Understanding a few oil change basics can improve the way you care for your Subaru.


Synthetic vs. Regular Oil

Motor oil comes in different forms. Synthetic and conventional/regular motor oil are the two most well-known. Regular oil comes from crude, which is fine as far as performing the task of lubricating and engine effectively. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, does not come from crude. Instead, it derives from a special chemical process.

Synthetic oil has some additional benefits that regular oil does not. Namely, synthetic oil does not break down as easily. Synthetic oils also handle extreme temperatures better. High-performance cars were once the top choices for synthetic customers, but synthetic oil can now go into a wide variety of vehicles. Check your owner's manual to be sure it is appropriate for your Subaru.

5 Signs Your Oil Needs to be Changed

Oil is usually changed at the recommended mileage or age point listed in the manual. However, there could be signs you are due or well overdue for an oil change. Here are five of those signs:

  • 1. Engine Oil Turns Black: New engine oil has a greenish color that turns darker with use and age. Black oil reflects oil that requires changing right away.
  • 2. Smoke from the Exhaust: Smoke shouldn't be coming out of the exhaust. If it is, the oil may be old, or there can be another problem.
  • 3. Engine Makes Strange Noises: Knocking and other odd sounds from the engine indicate something is not right. The troubles could come from old oil, something else, or both.
  • 4. Oil Smells Fill the Interior: A serious problem exists when oil smells permeate the interior. There may be an oil leak.
  • 5. Gas Mileage Declines: Old oil can undermine engine performance when driving around Washington Township. In turn, the vehicle could lose its fuel economy.
  • In general, if something seems wrong with the oil or the engine as you explore Deptford, have a maintenance technician check the car.

    What Type of Oil Does Your Subaru Need?

    Please check your owner's manual or ask the dealership to determine the type of oil and viscosity rating that best matches your make, model, and year. Of course, you can also discuss oil choices with one of our technicians when you make the short drive from Sicklerville. If your car has a significant number of miles on it, high-mileage oil might be recommended.

    Where is There Oil Leaking from My Car?

    If you notice oil on the ground and discover the Subaru's engine oil level is low, the odds are strong that there's a leak. The only way to determine where the leak comes from, however, involves requesting an inspection. The leak could come from a stripped drain plug, a broken seal, a gasket problem, or something else. A technician at our location near Williamstown, NJ can search for the leak to uncover its location and cause.

    Oil Changes and Routine Subaru Maintenance

    Regularly changing the oil on time helps improve engine performance and could reduce wear. Also, an oil change allows our technicians a chance to check related components such as belts and more.

    Bringing your Subaru to a team of technicians that specializes in the company's vehicles also helps. Skilled maintenance pros are often best-suited to provide insights about proper care and, of course, to perform work on your car.

    Schedule an Oil Change Today

    Schedule an oil change with our team in Turnersville right away. We promise prompt and courtesy service at all times. Before you stop by, check out our service specials going on to see if any apply to you!

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