Subaru Vehicle Dashboard Lights


Every driver in Turnersville, Cherry Hill, and Mount Laurel knows how difficult it is to understand the dashboard lights in their Subaru. With so many symbols, deciphering what your vehicle is trying to communicate can be as hard as reading something in a language you've never seen before.

Fortunately, Prestige Subaru can make decoding Subaru dashboard lights less daunting with our Subaru dashboard light guides.

Subaru Ascent Dashboard Light Guide 

Understanding Subaru Dashboard Lights

The dashboard lights in your Subaru are its only means of communication. You use them to pinpoint performance issues, faulty parts, and which features are being used. Your vehicle's dashboard is filled with symbols, and here at Prestige Subaru, we understand that trying to decode what each one means is frustrating. That's why we've created our Subaru dashboard light guides.

Think of these Subaru dashboard light guides as a vehicle-to-driver translator. They list all of the common symbols with detailed explanations of their meanings and what caused them to activate. They also provide instructions on what needs to be done to repair the issue and deactivate the light to help you prevent excessive damage and costly maintenance bills.

Indicator vs. Warning Lights 

There are two types of lights on your Subaru vehicle's dashboard. Indicator lights simply tell you when a certain system or performance feature in your Subaru is being used.

Warning lights, on the other hand, shouldn't be taken lightly, as they usually indicate that something is wrong with your Subaru vehicle and you should schedule a service appointment right away.

How to Use Your Subaru Dashboard Light Guide

To start decoding the lights on your dashboard, all you have to do is click on your Subaru model and read about the common symbols that you may see when you're behind the wheel.

And if you can't find your vehicle or the specific dashboard light you need in our guides, contact us at 888-409-4042 or schedule a service appointment online. We'll be happy to provide the information you need to ensure that your Subaru gets the necessary services to maintain its great performance.

The Subaru dashboard light guides from Prestige Subaru are just one of the many trusted resources we offer to help you get to know your new car a bit better. 

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